The “I Can’t Believe It!” Giveaway

Due to the huge success of the Greatest Giveaway of All Times, we now bring you the “I Can’t Believe It” giveaway, because it’s too good to be true.
We wanted to do something especial for the holidays, but because we have been excommunication (fact) Christmas is no longer a tradition in our home.
However, we still exchange gifts because nothing says happy holidays better than adding more debt to your credit card.
Additionally, this holidays we eat double or triple what we normally would, but it’s all because we keep in mind those who go without, and eat for them too.

Fa la la la la la la

Fa la la la la la la

So, putting all these thoughts together, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best gift we can give you, it’s porn.
Porn in the form of a cute figurine, a hand-made figure, a YOGO figurine to inspire you to exercise after all that eating.
The creator of this one of a kind art is none other than Stella, from Mollie and Alfie, she calls them YOGO figurines.
They are made of 100% gluten-free unicorn horn and we are giving away 2 sets of 2 figurines.

Yogo Time!

YOGO Time!

They are small, they can nicely decorate your desk at work, your desk at bible school, your coffee table, your fireplace mantel, your nativity scene.
Let’s say you don’t want them because they are topless, well, then they would make a perfect gift for that secret or evil santa.
We have found the perfect gift for you, you are very welcome!
Winning it’s simple, all you have to do is come up with a name for the YOGO posture below, Stella will pick one winner and Mr. Random will pick another, that way everybody stands a chance of taking home those beauties.

Please give me a name!

Please give me a name!

These are other YOGO postures for you to get an idea:

And remember to visit Stella’s store, let’s support our blogging community.

I’ve been advising Stella about a new line of products, hand-made sex toys. She currently crafts toys (non-erotic) for pets, she does costume made art, with the face of your furry or mange infested pet. But it’d be a great idea if she could combine her idea and mine, just imagine “Hand made butt plug with the handler made with the shape of your cat/dog/guinea pig/mini pig/horse/spider”. Food for thought.

And now please answer out poll: