Running Digest: Running Extremo

I noticed that after the last Running Digest, people was asking about the calendar. The calendar is up there, as a new page, just click here if you wanna see where I’ll be in case you wanna kill me or something like that: Next Races

Well, let me tell you about Sunday’s race, the Running Extremo.
It was a fun 7km race, consisting of a 1km circuit of obstacles, 5 cross country running and extra 1km of obstacles.
When I entered the race I honestly thought it was going to be a cheap imitation of the Spartan Races, and after talking to one of the girls that was running with me, who ran the Spartan race in the UK, she told me that it was way worse than the Spartan.

It was a cold morning, and silly me decided to wear shorts instead of tights. I didn’t have a pair of tights that I wanted to trash and ruining a new pair was out of the question. I wore the oldest pair of sneakers and the T-shirt of the race. My plan was to finish the race, put all those clothes in a bag and trash it.
Anyhow, the first obstacle came less than 300mts into the race, a little harmless mud pool, where pigs would have been happy, people tried to avoid it by running on the sides, I went through the middle, I was there to get dirty.

If that isn't the face of happiness I don't know what it is then.

If that isn’t the face of happiness I don’t know what it is then.

Then came a big ass pool of muddy water, you had to jump from a platform, people had to swim, thanks Zeus I’m blessed with long legs so my head was out of that water, I can imagine some people peed in there. The girls weren’t so lucky, I think they even swallowed a bit of that nasty water.
Then there was a foam pool, running over tires, and other more “civilized” obstacles.

However, the last obstacle of the first circuit was insane, not because it was too hard, but because without the help of other there’s no way people would have done it. You had to climb a 12ft wall, totally smooth, nothing for you to step on, if you jumped you had nothing to hold on to. People was nice and helped each other, then the way down was “nice” you had to slide. Remember I said I wore shorts? Well, my ass is still there, I left it on that ramp.

That's how it felt

That’s how it felt

The running part was easy, but soon was time for more obstacles. I was already dry, it wasn’t fun to get wet again, we had to cross a river, water was liquid ice.
In short, the race was hard, we concluded it was that hard because the suing culture hasn’t arrived to Spain yet, so liability is not even an issue when organizing events, meaning that if people die, well, they are just casualties, an accident.
I was expecting to read in the news the next day “Over 50 runners died crushed by unstable platform at an obstacle race in Seville”, but luckily it didn’t happen.

I’m not even gonna give you details about the “showers” that were made available, but it was medieval, fucking cold water. Cold water=balls like raisins.
Overall it was a great experience, I had a lot of fun and that’s all it matters, well, that and the free paella served at the end, free endless paella.
Would I do it again?
Hell yeah!
I have no pictures other than the before and after, eventually they’ll post pics on their website, when they do I’ll steal them and share them.

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