The Black Hole Award, Because You Asked For It.

As you all know (you probably don’t) we have created the most wonderful awards of all time.
The world known Ass Award, reached popularity after it was mentioned on the Oprah Show and by the Pope Francis when he moved to the Vatican.
If you don’t have it yet, here, the Ass Award is for you to grab, so grab it!

Wait, wrong Ass.

Grab it!

In the spirit of the holidays (because stars are associated with the holidays) and after talking to a lot of bloggers (2), we decided to create a new award.
We always have the greater than life ideas whenever we see people having fun, we like to see people having fun(Voyeurism they call them right?), so we decided to create this fantastic award that will make your fun endless.
What the hell are you talking about Leo?
Well, let me try to explain you.
The Blog of  The Year award is going around, which basically consists in collecting 6 stars from 6 different bloggers. Bloggers who think your blog is a great blog, hence it deserves to be the blog of the year.

Blog of the Year Award

Blog of the Year Award

After seeing a few of my fellow bloggers with almost 6 stars (I rolled on my own puke with envy cuz I have none!), I had an epiphany. 
Me: Leo, what if you come up with an award to remove stars, so bloggers gotta keep having fun collecting stars? 
Myself: But how? (I’m good at asking myself questions)
Me: Well, you gotta think of something, something that eats starts. 
Myself: Ohh, something like Mario? 
Me: No! Something like a Black Hole! 
Myself: Leo! You are a genius! (As you can see my conversations with myself are very intense)

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present you The Black Hole Award – Taking Your Stars!

The Black Hole Award

The Black Hole Award

If you get it, it doesn’t mean we think your blog sucks, it just means you should collect more stars because a hungry black hole ate your stars.
So without further ado, I pass this award to:

Im sorry but I’m running out of words, please feel free to take this award and pass it on, a lot of people will be glad to know you want them to have one star less. The joy!

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