Naughty Thursday: 3D Printing

Because you’ve been emailing and asking for a Naughty Thursday post, here it is.

You all have heard about those fancy 3D printers right?
No? What you meant you haven’t??!!
You live under a rock or what???
Here, watch the video and join all of us in 2014:

This post is somehow related to a previous, rather popular post: “When A Man Loves An Eel”, if you haven’t read it, take 5 minutes of your time and read it, I promise your life won’t be the same after that.

Yeah, that's an Eel.

Yeah, that’s an Eel.

So, I was having a conversation with a friend, late at night, and all of a sudden he touched the 3D printers subject.

And here I’ll take the chance to ask you, what would be the first thing you’d print if you had a 3D Printer?
My friend had it clear, he wouldn’t think it twice, he’d print a dildo.

Homemade Dildos

Homemade Dildos

I like to keep my blog safe for work, and that won’t change, millions of kids around the world read this blog not really, so I won’t post graphic pictures of dildos, however, Aphrodite looks harmless and guess what? You can have it your way, like a burger in Burger King.

“The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility”

“The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility”

Call me weird if you want, but the first thing I’d print would be a nice cow udder. Yeah, you read it right, cow udder. Why?  Why wouldn’t I? Just imagine a big cow udder placed on your coffee table, seriously, best thing ever.

Those black dots are too cute

Those black dots are too cute

Cows, by far, have the cutest boobs of all the animal kingdom, no offence to the ladies and boys with implants, I just won’t objectify your body part (but boobs are amazing).

My only concern would be buying the “toner” for that printer, if regular ink price equals the price of a kidney in the black market, I don’t even wanna know much the 3D printer supplies would be.


And because I know Clowie and Animal Couriers look forward to our poll, here you have it:


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