What is this about?

I’m Leo, I’m old enough (body looks younger, but my soul is like 400 or so) to legally drink and drive (not both at the once because I don’t have a driver’s license) and own 3 cows in Nebraska.
This is the 3rd, 4th time  I have to edit this page and it’s gonna be the last one.
This is not my first time blogging, however, this is more “personal”.
This goes about randomness, running, my dog and typos, a lot of them, hope you enjoy them and don’t mind, I’m too old to change my ways. Thanks for passing by.

Doggy and Me at Finisterra

Did I till you I’m a Pulitzer winner and soon to be Nobel nominee?

Special thanks to Rara for the doodle (Lion with a dog) I’m using on the banner.
Thanks to the great Miss Four Eyes for the Pimp Doggy doodle.