Next Races

Should you find in your heart the need to put me down, here’s a list of places where I’ll be in the near future.
Granted, all of them are places where I won’t be alone, but you can take a shot, no pun intended.
So, my next races will be:

  • Seville, Spain, December 1st, 2013: 7km Running Extremo Done!
  • Seville, Spain, December 15th, 2013: Half Marathon (Still thinking about it)
  • Steyning, UK, January 18th, 2014: Steyning Open 15km
  • Algarve, Portugal, February 1st, 2014: 20km, Portugal National Championship.
  • Lugano, Switzerland, March 16th, 2013: 20km, Lugano Trophy
  • Rio Maior, Portugal, April 5th, 2014: 20km, IAAF Race Walking Challenge.
  • Naumburg, Germany, May 18th, 2014: 20km 45th International Race Walking Naumburg
  • La Curuña, Spain, May 31st, 2014: 20km, IAAF Race Walking Challenge.
  • York, UK, June 8th, 2014: 20km, European Championship Trials
  • Alytus, Lithuania, June 13th, 2014: 20km, Alytus Race Walking Festival
  • Veracruz, Mexico, November 23rd, 2014: 20km, Central American and Caribbean Games